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Alexandre Navarro Alexandre Navarro is a guitarist, sound maker and independent producer from Bordeaux and now living in Paris. Considered as a “french minimalist composition master” by Tiny Mixtape magazine, he studied in the early 2000's concrete music and electronic music at Conservatoire de Bordeaux. His compositions fuse together experimentation of modular synthesis, granular sampling and guitar sound explorations in a post-rock-ambient way. Since 2004, he published more than 16 albums on internationals indie labels of which 2 has been nominated at Qwartz Awards in France. Navarro is used to collaborations with visual artists, architects and film makers. His music has also been recently awarded "best music" at Souther shorts awards for the short-movie "Everything is upstream" directed by chilean Martin Ponferrada. His sound aesthetic stays minimalist & introspective full of nostlagia and intimacy and has been compared to "a trip in between Brian Eno and Boards of Canada" (Indie Rock Mag, Fr)."

All my dub




Mod 303 The musical brainchild of two Parisian producers (and real-life brothers) Jeremy and Nicolas Carrasco, Mod2 & 303Box is a distillation of each artist’s take on minimal techno. Combining Mod2′s precise knowledge of electronic music, and 303box’s creative energy, the duo infuses their micro and minimal beats with soulful swing and skittering jazz samples. Together, they create nique, remarkable music that transcends genres. Two souls, one sound. Paris, France.


Unreleased 1

Unreleased 4

Unreleased 5

Sven Laux Sven Laux is a German electronic ambient composer and freelance sound designer based in Berlin, Germany. As a musician, DJ, and film addict he has been developing his own unique style of modern classical music with a melancholy that on close listening becomes very uplifting. His music is peaceful, beautiful, and relaxing with a twist of subtle and sometimes provocative noises. Using the sound of violins, cellos, and piano as a framework, Sven‘s music feels deeply cinematic and could also be used in films of various genres. His soundscapes are like curvy streets – even safe for dreamers – built on emotion, melody, and repetition leading to new perceptions. Sven takes his listeners on a journey. Being both, calming and exciting, each composition suits different moods but also several occasions and tastes. His artistic work is professionally backed by a SAE Institute Audio Engineering Diploma as well as a Datenklang Certificate in Sound Design. Besides on his own albums, the music of Sven Laux regularly appears on compilations. His album work, but also side projects and single works have been released on CD by various labels starting in 2017. Busy times ahead: new music, exciting projects, and some little surprises. A lot to explore.

A Cascade Made of Stars

The Same Wave

Where Do You Get Your Dreams From

You Never Really Knew Me

Artist : Michael Gary Dean Photograph : Donald Lee
Wiklow Michael Gary Dean is a musician and composer that tangles a love for electronic music with the sweeping emotions of modern classical. Originally from Western Canada, Dean quickly branched out, exploring new inspirations in Europe and in Québec, a French-speaking province of Canada known for it’s output of world-class artists and culture. After living in Ireland and taking in influences from the European electronic music scene, Dean relocated to Montréal to learn the French language and engage in the new media art scene. While working at CKUT 90.3FM, a community radio station, Dean became fascinating with the never-ending supply of the city’s wildly experimental music that wandered far from popular culture.


Scene III

Scene V

The Continuous Improvement of Candles

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